Johnny Storm (John Sandstrom) was born and raised in Fargo, ND. Born in 1967 Johnny was raised in a modest home and instilled with traditional Midwestern values. In 1985 Johnny graduated high school and 6 months later was in the USAF becoming a Security Specialist (MP in the Army) and Air Base Ground Defense serving in Panama during the turmoil of 1989 (Operation Just Cause).

After 5 years in the USAF and receiving an honorable discharge Johnny moved back to North Dakota and enrolled in radio broadcasting school. Johnny worked in AMFM radio for 5 years before moving to the car business where he spent 18 years.

In 2011 Johnny found the art of podcasting and started the Johnny Storm Show and it’s all about liberty and exposing the lies of the media and political elite! With a new emphasis on natural health the show exposes the lies of the elite, big pharma and of course dirty politicians so you can see the truth so you can live free!